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Summer #7

Summer #7

A Week of Hoverflies #1

A Week of Hoverflies #1


Reclaimed… Kennall Vale gunpowder works in Cornwall.ReclaimedReclaimedReclaimedReclaimedReclaimed

A last look…

…at some hoverflies from late summer – thought I could just sneak these unseasonable insects in before Autumn is in full swing.A last look...A last look...A last look...

Happiness is…

…capturing a fox family on my wildlife camera – I’m giddy with joy!Happiness is...Happiness is...Happiness is...

Shield Bugs

Shield BugsIt’s been such a mild Autumn so far, that there’s still quite a few creepy crawlies around.Shield Bugs

Penguin, Lemur and Meerkat

Penguin, Lemur and MeerkatPenguin. Lemur and MeerkatPenguin, Lemur and MeerkatThe only animals we saw at the Safari Park! All the rhinos, giraffes, lions etc. were tucked up in bed by the time the children (young and old) had finished with the roller coasters and other rides.

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Catching Up

Catching upI found a lot of summer photos that haven’t made their way on to Beetlebirdhare yet, so…. here are some months old ladybirds and in a week or so there will be a Week of Flower Arranging!Catching upCatching up


FoxI’ve struggled to get photos of foxes this last couple of years – their dens have been easy to spot but impossible to creep up on (not like the heady days of ‘the fox on the hill‘). However the Birthday Fairy has been VERY kind to me this year and I now have the technology to photograph foxes again, yippee! Just noticed the date though, changed everything but the year!FoxFox

Spiders but no flies

Spiders and FliesNot everyone’s cup of tea, so I resisted the temptation to do ‘a week of spiders and flies.’ I’ve¬†left out the flies and left it at just two spiders for a gloriously leggy post.Spiders and Flies