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Winter days #6

Winter days #6

Flower Arranging #4

Flower arranging #4

Flower Arranging #3

Flower arranging #3Flower arranging #3Joining in with Communal Global – Wednesdays Around the World

Flower Arranging #2

Flower Arranging #2

Flower Arranging #1

Flower arranging #1As promised a week of flower arranging (a working week though) – happy Monday through to glorious Friday!Flower arranging

Flower arranging #1

Colours of the week are…

Blue and black with a spot of red.Colours of the week are... blue, black and a spot of red.Colours of the week are... blue, black and a spot of red.

Looking Through

Looking throughLooking throughIt’s been a while but here’s some more ‘looking through’ see here for a little bit more. Dock leaves are abundant again, oh the fun to be had!Looking through

Water and Ice

Water and IceSome foliage we placed in a puddle, knowing a frosty night was on the way (as you do) – nearly sacrificing wellies a number of times until we found a suitable place that wasn’t surrounded by thick,squelchy mud, the ground is so saturated!Water and Ice


ScatteredscatteredWe took a bunch of leaves down to the pond to do something like this but…. it was icy and windy so we ended up with something quite different.scatteredScattered


If you’ve got the time and the inclination a little pattern making is quite therapeutic – if you can keep the wind and cats away! We did manage these in between attacks by both and will definitely be doing more – watch this space.