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Winter Days #5

Winter Days #5

Happiness is…

Happiness is....… my faithful companions.Happiness is...

Thinking and singing

Thinking… why is she making me sit still, I want to chase, eat or roll in something. Singing…. why not, the sun is shining, Spring is in the air, for a little while.Thinking and singingThinking and singing


Winter!A short burst of wintry weather – cold but not muddy dogs, a VERY welcome change.A few days of winterA few days of winterA few days of winterA few days of winter





Late Summer

Late SummerDog walks are getting a distinctly ‘late summer’ feel now.Late SummerLate SummerLate Summer

Me and my shadow…

…the dog that likes to sit by your feet at all times – the other one’s off looking for something disgusting to eat or roll in!Me and my dog...

Colour of the Week is…

… GreenColour of the week is... Green

with a hint of (soggy) dog.Colour of the week is... Green

Out of the ordinary

Out of the ordinaryOut of the ordinaryOut of the ordinaryOut of the ordinaryIf I were to go through all my photos I could probably do an album full of –  ’boy walking into distance with black dog’ –  ’big brown dog trying to keep track of where everybody is’ and more recently, ‘water droplets with reflections’ –  all taken over the road from us on one of our (very) frequent dog walks. Swans on the other hand are a very rare sight (unless we go to Slimbridge or the river to seek them out) so… two doing circuits and then landing on the pond was pretty special for us. But probably more out of the ordinary for me was having my camera already on the right mode for flying birds, so… I managed to get some shots before they disappeared!

Out of the ordinaryOut of the ordinary