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Light and stone

Penrhyn CastleLight and StoneLight and Stone

Castell Coch

Castell CochA few more pics from one of my favourite places to visit.Castell CochCastell CochCastell Coch

Light and Dark

Light and DarkWho doesn’t love a good castle? These are a few pics from two of the best I’ve been too – Harlech and Caernarfon. Joining in withWednesdays Around the World.Light and DarkLight and DarkLight and Dark

Castell Coch

Castell CochCastell CochCastell CochCastell CochThe last (almost) photos from Castell Coch – a couple of shots of the exterior and the most amazing bedroom. I can’t quite imagine sleeping in a room this busy, but it is quite spectacular.Castell CochCastell CochCastell Coch

Drawing Room

Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomThree great things to do in and around Cardiff – 1. in the centre of Cardiff there is a brilliant free! museum. 2. about 8 miles west of Cardiff there are some amazing fossil beaches and finally 3. on the outskirts there is Castell Coch a fairytale castle built on the remains of a 13th centry one in the late 1800′s by William Burges, cue wonderful over the top interiors full of colour and life. starting with the drawing room, enjoy!Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing roomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing Room

Looking through

Looking throughIf you like castles, victoriana, animals and birds galore then this pic gives you a little peek into that world – there’s more to come next week when I’ve sorted through my photos!

Castle – August

The castle in August, the last one in the series.

Castle – July

The castle in July – another sunny day. I can’t bring myself to put rainy, grey photos up but I may do a round up of the worst rainy, murky days at the end, until then it’s the beautiful calm loch and castle.

Castle – June

The castle in June – taken with baby on back this time : )

Castle – May

castleSpring in the Highlands – idyllic!