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Castell Coch

Castell CochA few more pics from one of my favourite places to visit.Castell CochCastell CochCastell Coch

Portmeirion #1

Portmeirion #1The first mini post from Portmeirion -if you ever find yourself in North Wales a great place to explore – more pics to follow over the next week.PortmeirionPortmeirion #1

Fox, bird and hare

aablog1aacastle20FoxbirdhareFoxbirdhareA fox rather than the usual beetle!

The only beetle I could find at Castell Coch was hiding in a lovely carving and totally impossible to photograph so…. Foxbirdhare it is.

Drawing Room

Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomThree great things to do in and around Cardiff – 1. in the centre of Cardiff there is a brilliant free! museum. 2. about 8 miles west of Cardiff there are some amazing fossil beaches and finally 3. on the outskirts there is Castell Coch a fairytale castle built on the remains of a 13th centry one in the late 1800′s by William Burges, cue wonderful over the top interiors full of colour and life. starting with the drawing room, enjoy!Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing roomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing Room

Looking through

Looking throughIf you like castles, victoriana, animals and birds galore then this pic gives you a little peek into that world – there’s more to come next week when I’ve sorted through my photos!

Day Trip

pots in the V&Anatural history museumpigeonHyde ParkLast week we got up ridiculously early and caught a train from Country Bumpkinshire to London, for a near perfect day trip! apart from a little blip in map reading at the beginning of the day (guilty). We got a little squished in the Natural History Museum but did fight through the crowds to see the whale at my sons insistence then spent a blissful few hours in the V & A (one of the best museums in the world, I’m sure) Throw in a stroll through Hyde Park either end and voila, a lovely day out.V&Anatural history museumV&A

Colours of the week are….

Blue and Whiteblossom

blossomsculptureA little bit of blossom, some Rodin and a pot.  reflected pot


Dog and Hare

stone carving - KilpeckThis piece of carving always makes me smile – it’s around 900 years old but looks as though it could have been done yesterday! (maybe time travel is possible?)

Plus a couple more of my favourite stone carvings from the same place – bear eating humans! and a serene, slightly pouting  man.stone carving - Kilpeckstone carving - Kilpeck

Colour of the week is…..

StoneWollaton Hall


A part of the house that Batman hangs out in!