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Bird #5

Bird #5A Dunnock – I’ve just done some reading up about this little bird (in my trusty Birds Britannica) and it is also known as a Hedge Spadger, which is such a great name!

Also is said to have a private life that is ‘perhaps the most complex known in British birds’ – basically lots of swapping and sharing!

Good morning

Good morningToday we decorate for Christmas, make mince pies and take more photos of birds!

Hope you have a lovely day too.Good morning

It’s a small world

It's a small worldTwo teeny, tiny snails. Happy Thursday!It's a small world

Drawing Room

Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomThree great things to do in and around Cardiff – 1. in the centre of Cardiff there is a brilliant free! museum. 2. about 8 miles west of Cardiff there are some amazing fossil beaches and finally 3. on the outskirts there is Castell Coch a fairytale castle built on the remains of a 13th centry one in the late 1800′s by William Burges, cue wonderful over the top interiors full of colour and life. starting with the drawing room, enjoy!Drawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing roomDrawing RoomDrawing RoomDrawing Room

This way and that

buttercups and oak treeThis way – a beautiful field of Buttercups with a handily placed oak tree!buttercup fieldbuttercups and oak tree

and that – a young Fallow Deer. I’d crept away from Forest school to take photos of the Buttercups and turned around to see this deer walking along the edge of the field.fallow deerfallow deerfallow deerFallow Deer


foxfoxI’m afraid these are the best photos I’ve managed to take of a fox this year, even though they seem to have a den quite near the house it’s making it very difficult for us to creep up on them, so…. we have some lovely in focus blackcurrant bushes with some smudgy foxes in the far distance! Still a thrill to see them though and I shall persevere – for last years pics see here. On an elusive note after nearly 2 weeks of summery sunshiny weather the sun is mostly hidden behind clouds again.sun in buttercups

 Also if you want to make a truly delicious Chocolate and Date Cake (egg and dairy free) visit me here on my ‘I’m baking for my son and really I don’t eat much of it’ blog.chocolate and date cake (egg and dairy free)



Taking flight

robin in flightJust a quick one today – the sun is shining, so outside is beckoning with dogs to walk, photos to take, gardening to do, desk for my sons room to renovate and last but certainly not least some pots to be thrown in the newly painted potting shed! (photos to follow) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Peeking out / Blending in

blue titA Blue tit peeking out of one of the many bird boxes they’ve put up in the blackcurrant fields…blue tit

siskin..and a Siskin momentarily blending in with the unfurling poplar leaves.siskin

High rise living

snails in treesaestivsting snail in treeSnails in this little piece of woodland seem to like living in the trees. I presume that they are aestivating – a period of inactivity during warm or dry weather – but if so then they’ve missed out on a whole lot of mildish, wet weather. They’re always up there come rain or shine? snail in treesnails in treessnail in tree

Beetle, Bird and Hare

Well it’s taken a while, but now there are a few more creepy crawlies about I can do a new Beetle, Bird, Hare.

ladybirdsStarting with hm,hm Ladybird stacking (no Ladybirds were hurt in the taking of this photo, for other examples see here)

robinA robin

hares in the V&Aand a couple of lovely hares from the V&A.