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Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hoods Bay

Happiness is …

Happiness is....Happiness is....

Happiness is…

Happiness is... an empty beach… an empty beach, with two tiny figures that make it an even happier place to be.Happiness is... an empty beachHappiness is... an empty beach

Colour of the week is…

… Grey¬†

Still working through the holiday pics and loving every minute.
Colour of the week is... greyColour of the week is... greyColour of the week is... greyColour of the week is... grey

Across the bay..

… to the Lleyn Peninsula and Snowdonia.Across the bayAcross the bayAcross the bayAcross the bay

Empty beach

Empty beachWe’ve camped a few times this Summer, including twice to a campsite with this beach just two minutes walk away…blissful. Not quite the Summer weather you’d perhaps hope for when camping (it was a bit chilly) but with views like this, who cares!Empty beach

Hanging on

Hanging onA recent trip to ‘our’ beach (seriously, we’re almost always the only people on it) was a more traditional beach affair – no fossil hunting this time but a search for a sandy patch, for castles and dam making and a spot of rock pooling, in a fruitless, but fun search for crabs.Hanging onHanging onHanging onHanging on

Colour of the week is…

Colour of the week is ...rust

Metal uncovered by the recent storms Р quite beautiful in its own way.Colour of the week is... rustColour of the week is... rust

In between storms

In between stormsIn between stormsIn between stormsWe managed a first trip to the beach for 2014, in between the storms we made a run for the coast and got a few hours of beach loveliness.In between stormsIn between stormsIn between stormsIn between storms

Cornish Birds

seagullAnother lovely holiday in Cornwall with great friends – lots of time spent on or around the water with a smattering of lovely Cornish gardens, cream teas and beaches, bliss. The only fly in the ointment – no pasty, how I went to Cornwall and didn’t eat a Cornish Pasty is a mystery! Still lots and lots of photos to share, starting with a few Cornish birds