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Holiday #3

York MinsterHoliday #3Holiday #3Holiday #3

Strange Beasts

Strange BeastsStrange BeastsStrange Beasts1aaablog1aaah1

Light and stone

Penrhyn CastleLight and StoneLight and Stone

Castell Coch

Castell CochA few more pics from one of my favourite places to visit.Castell CochCastell CochCastell Coch

Colour of the week is…

…Blue with a hint of Llanthony Priory.Colour of the week is... blueColour of the week is.. blueColour of the week is... blueColour of the week is... blue


BotanicalBotanicalAt the risk of sounding like the Welsh Tourist Board…. here’s another great place to visit if you ever find yourself in Wales – The National Botanical Garden of Wales – quieter than The Eden Project ( a big plus), but just the one dome, in which it is possible to take photographs without your camera steaming up (another big plus).


Colours of the week are…

… white, blue and yellow

The last of the pics from Portmeirion with the sunshine finally breaking through.PortmeirionPortmeirion

Portmeirion #3

Portmeirion beasts and a boat.PortmeirionPortmeirion #2PortmeirionPortmeirion

Portmeirion #2

Portmeirion birds - Portmeirion #2Portmeirion #2Portmeirion #2

Portmeirion #1

Portmeirion #1The first mini post from Portmeirion -if you ever find yourself in North Wales a great place to explore – more pics to follow over the next week.PortmeirionPortmeirion #1