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As you might have gathered we spend a lot of time outside and often while we’re out in the garden or walking the dogs we’ll make something. Playing with bits and bobs that we find, making something to take a photo of and that won’t last very long (sometimes only a few seconds!) it’s a lot of fun so…… here’s a few of our favourites.dandelion artPatternautumn leaves on pondOne Dayice artland art with kids - snowland art with kids - snowHappiness is.....dandelion artdaisies, moss and waterflower hare

5 comments on “Land Art

  • Amanda

    So pretty, you are really talented!!

  • Rambling Woods

    I love that your son is a nature lover too. I am a retired teacher and I try to do things here around the pond and woods to show the neighborhood kids about nature. The last two summer I have raised monarch butterflies from eggs that were laid on the milkweed that we had planted. It is an amazing feeling to watch and then to release them..You are very talented as I can’t do this type of thing…Michelle

  • Emanation

    So lucky to get photos of all that, most of our best bits are done when I forget to bring a camera and have decided to leave my phone at home too! I am inspired by the hand prints filled with petals, Gorgeous!

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