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A while ago we used to live on the west coast of Scotland – land of mountains, castles, otters, wild places, long long summer days, northern lights, highland cows - but also, wind, rain, midges (they really really like me!) very short winter days and deer/sheep that stand with intent at the side of the roads to scare passing motorists!

All this taken into account a beautiful place to be and a constant source of inspiration.

While we were there we took a photograph of the local castle every day for a year come rain or shine (using my trusty film camera), sometimes even in the dark.

I thought I’d share here just one photo a month, so…….. here we go!

Castle - SeptemberSeptember Castle - October

OctoberCastle - November

November Castle - December

December Castle - January

January Castle - February

February Castle - March

MarchCastle - AprilApril Castle - May

May Castle - June

June Castle - July

JulyCastle - August



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