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Spiders but no flies

Spiders and FliesNot everyone’s cup of tea, so I resisted the temptation to do ‘a week of spiders and flies.’ I’ve left out the flies and left it at just two spiders for a gloriously leggy post.Spiders and Flies




CanalCanalWater, reflections and some sunshine – a fine walk and the best thing about walking by a canal is that you get to see everything twice, or not depending on your point of view!CanalCanalCanalCanal

Colour of the week is…

…GreenColour of the week is... greenColour of the week is... green


BlossomingBack to normal (yeh) with a few very nearly out of date blossom pics. Well okay they are out of date but there is still hawthorn blossom out there, which I’m very tempted to make into some hawthorn and rhubarb wine! BlossomingBlossomingBlossoming


…still have technical difficulties, so…. a few more pics from the past – ladybirds today.ladybird on scented mayweeda ladybirdladybird on scented mayweed


…for the ability to upload photos to return – I hadn’t quite realised how reliant I am on this space as a visual diary. I miss it and the photos are backing up, so you may be seeing some blossom in the middle of summer or, fingers crossed…. tomorrow. In the meantime I’m going to drag up a few things from a few years ago that maybe you haven’t seen and have inspired me to get cutting again!Beetle, bird and harehare behind dock leaf

Beetle #7

Beetle #7

Beetle #6

Beetle #6Green Leaf Beetle.

Beetle #5

Beetle #5It’s a good year for ladybirds!Beetle #5