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New year

Goodbye 2013 – a good year with highs and lows.New Year

Hello 2014 – a year full of promise!

Wishing you all a 2014 filled with joy and happiness!

Dawn to Dusk

Hi, hope you’re all having a great festive season! We’ve been having beautiful sunrises and sunsets in amongst the gales and torrential sideways rain (including, not one but two interesting indoor water features!) so here’s a couple of photos… early morning and early evening, I couldn’t bring myself to take pics of the water features!Dawn to DuskDawn to Dusk

Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasWishing you all a Merry Christmas!

4.30 p.m.

4.30 p.m.4.30 p.m.4.30 p.m.A few snapshots of our evening walk, including those rooks going east to who knows where and a willing if slightly bemused dog – you want me to sit, why, what’s happening? oh yes sunset! : )4.30 p.m.4.30 p.m.


MidwinterMuch as I love wrapping up warm, cosy winter nights, snowy days (if we’re lucky!) and the Yule time celebrations I did find myself flicking through a seed catalogue the other day and daydreaming about all the wonderful plants we could grow next year, so… wholeheartedly welcoming back the sun!¬†Midwinter

Frosty collection

Frosty collectionFrosty collectionFrosty collectionA round up of frosty pics from the last few weeks – looks like a white Christmas will be elusive this year though, it’s more likely to be gales and torrential rain!Frosty collectionFrosty collection


WaitingWaiting patiently for a spot at the bird table.

East to West

East to WestThe little specks in the sky (not just another excuse to post a sunset!) are I think rooks – every day they go west at 7.30 in the morning and the at 4.30 they go east – you could set your clocks by them, or use them as a wake up call – they are a little noisy.East to West

Good morning

Good morningToday we decorate for Christmas, make mince pies and take more photos of birds!

Hope you have a lovely day too.Good morning

Colour of the week is…

…Wintry¬†with a hint of Autumn.Colour of the week is... wintry with a hint of AutumnColour of the week is... wintry with a hint of AutumnColour of the week is... wintry  with a hint of autumn