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Early morning

Early morningAn early morning walk a couple of weeks ago – I’d forgotten all about these (I am a little behind, but catching up quickly)

 Early morningEarly morningEarly morning

Hanging On

Hanging OnJust about!Hanging OnHanging On

Colours of the week are…

Colours of the week are... autumnalAutumnal

and another photo from Puzzlewood - a dinosaur I believe!Colours of the week are... autumnal


RipplesPond + Dog = RipplesRipplesRipplesRipples


FrostyAmazingly, we still have some Calendulars flowering, even after a few frosty mornings – that £1 box of seeds was good value!FrostyFrosty

Happiness is…

Happiness is..... AutumnAUTUMN

Here’s a little heart shaped sunshine for you.

Shining Through

Shining throughShining ThroughI’m in one of those patches on my blog when I can’t get my photos on quickly enough to keep up with the season – Autumn was so late this year and now seems to be rushing past. So although these photos are from only a week or so ago the tree has completely changed, thanks to the storms and frost (frosty flower photos to follow this week!).

So I will cram as much autumnal loveliness in the next few weeks as I can even though Winter and frozen, photo taking fingers will be here all too quickly! But there is an upside, I am looking forward to taking more bird photos again, it’s so much easier when the trees are bare.Shining Through

Colour of the week is…

PurpleColour of the week is... purple

There’s still a few brave flowers hanging on.

Autumn Colour #2

Autumn Colour #2Autumn Colour #2There’s still a lot of autumn colour to enjoy where we live, so…. I’ll share a little more.

Autumn Colour #2Autumn Colour #2Autumn Colour #2Autumn Colour #2Autumn Colour #2

Misty morning

Misty morningMisty morningMisty morningThe first of the misty mornings this Autumn, definitely one of the upsides – I did rush out a bit earlier than usual to catch it. However we are now in the grips of one of the more unpleasant, I would say that instead of going a walk we are now going a slip and a slide, the ground is so saturated, muddy and squelchy! Still the sun is shining this morning, I can see beautiful autumn colours as I sit and type this, so in a few minutes my son the dogs, camera and I are going a long, long walk (wrapped up and mud proofed!)Misty morningMisty morningMisty morning