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Autumn colour #1

Autumn colour #1Autumn colour #1Autumn colour #1Woodland at this time of year = magic.

I’ve been very busy lately, making. It’s taken a while, but now I’m happy with them I’ll share some pics with you next week! Here’s a little clue – it involves woodworking and sewing.

oo, and Happy Halloween!

I’ve got a day in the kitchen making toffee apples and cakes that ooze blood/strawberry jam, followed by cooking on the fire pit in the dark! and fireworks –  I think dressing up was mentioned as being obligatory too.

Autumn colour #1Autumn colour #1

Beetle, bird and hare

Beetle, bird and hareBeetle,
Beetle, bird and harebird,
Beetle, bird and hareand hare.

Colour of the week is….

BrownColour of the week is.... Brown

Not just any old brown, but illuminated by the early morning sun.

A last glimpse #2

A last glimpse #2A last glimpse #2A last glimpse #2More lovely, colourful insects from the last couple of weeks and a rose still flowering!A last glimpse #2A last glimpse #2A last glimpse #2

A last glimpse #1

A last glimpseOver the last few weeks we’ve spotted a few beautiful insects, making the most of them still being around I went a bit snap happy and filled my camera before they all went into hibernation, which is probably today – the weather is awful. So… a last glimpse spread over a couple of posts.A last glimpseA last glimpse

Let’s go fly a kite

Let's go fly a kiteLet's go fly a kiteLet's go fly a kiteWhat could be better, a beautiful location, sunshine, sheep, giant fungi and kite flying!Let's go fly a kiteLet's go fly a kiteLet's go fly a kite

It’s a small world

It's a small worldTwo teeny, tiny snails. Happy Thursday!It's a small world

Early morning

Early morningTwo dogs, sat, still – it’s a miracle! didn’t last long but they are quite willing (if somewhat bemused) models…. sometimes.

I’m really enjoying the colours of autumn, especially first thing in the morning so, here’s a few photos from a few days ago, before they mowed the field –  I spent a few weeks thinking I should take some photos of the grasses, finally got round to it only to find them gone the next morning.Early morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morningEarly morning

Fox, bird and hare

aablog1aacastle20FoxbirdhareFoxbirdhareA fox rather than the usual beetle!

The only beetle I could find at Castell Coch was hiding in a lovely carving and totally impossible to photograph so…. Foxbirdhare it is.

Castell Coch

Castell CochCastell CochCastell CochCastell CochThe last (almost) photos from Castell Coch – a couple of shots of the exterior and the most amazing bedroom. I can’t quite imagine sleeping in a room this busy, but it is quite spectacular.Castell CochCastell CochCastell Coch