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Early Autumn

Early AutumnEarly AutumnEarly AutumnI don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but my favourite time of year is now -

the light, colours and foraging in hedgerows, what’s not to love.Early AutumnEarly AutumnEarly Autumn

Colour of the week is…

…GreenColour of the week is... greenColour of the week is... greenColour of the weeks is.... greenColour of the week is... greenColour of the week is... green

Beautiful lacy leaves and the beautiful culprits (if you like beetles that is and the leaves aren’t in your garden!)

Left, right and centre

River bank to the left -Left, right and centreRiver bank to the right - Left. right and centre

The river - Left, right and centreLeft, right and centreLeft, right and centre


Moon MoonOne of the benefits of the nights drawing in so quickly is the opportunity to see more of the night sky without staying up way past my bed time! These were taken the night after the harvest moon –  I have to confess it was one of those ‘I wish I had a better camera’ moments, or a steadier hand or even thought to go and fetch my tripod! Maybe next time.




Climb every mountain.

Or a reasonably high hill in Wales, Pen-y-Fan to be precise. You have to bear in mind that the rest of the country was bathed in sunshine but we turned left into the valley towards our hill and the weather got a little murky! So, the following photos are a little ‘atmospheric’ – stay with it though, there is a pay off at the end.Climb every mountain.Climb every mountain.Climb every mountain.Climb every mountain.

Ta dah!Climb every mountain.

Colours of the week are…

..Pink and YellowColours of the week are.... pink and yellow

The evening before…

The evening before... The evening before... …a lovely sunny day.

The evening before...

Water and Stone

Water and StoneWater and StoneWater and Stone A few more photos from our summer holidays, Cromford Mill this time in lovely Derbyshire. I’m still playing catch up at the moment so… sometime this week they’ll be a post of an amazing sunset from a few weeks ago – it’s worth the wait though.Water and Stone

a list

a list Joining in with the lovely Erin at Bluebirdbaby today, so here goes, a list -

making -  again, watch this space in the coming months!

cooking -  jam, lots of it.

drinking –  apple and mango juice.

reading –  a Nordic thriller.

wanting –  a little more energy.

looking –  forward to fossil hunting this weekend if the weathers kind.

playing –  Midlake on my CD player.

wasting - time feeling anxious. 

sowing – potatoes in the poly tunnel to harvest at Christmas.

wishing –  for a close up photo of a fox this year and little wish for a better camera (only a little wish though because I love mine dearly)

enjoying –  everything (mostly).

waiting –  for the long legged, small bodied spiders to vacate the premises (wishful thinking)

liking –  the change in light from Summer to Autumn.

wondering –  if the worlds gone mad.

loving –  my family and friends.

hoping -  happiness for all of the above.

marvelling –  at nature (constantly) and finding not one, but a whole patch of four-leaved clovers this morning (the first time ever!)

needing –  to spring clean in Autumn.

smelling –  not much, my sense of smell is notoriously bad.

wearing –  jeans and my fave t-shirt.

following –  all the lovely blogs on my blogroll and all the others that aren’t there, yet!

noticing –  how much more I can fit in a day.

knowing –  there’s always a silver lining.

thinking –  about this list.

bookmarking -  mostly new foods for my son to try.

opening –  a parcel and hoping it’s some books I ordered two weeks ago!

giggling –  at my sons jokes.

feeling -  positive.

a list