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If you’ve got the time and the inclination a little pattern making is quite therapeutic – if you can keep the wind and cats away! We did manage these in between attacks by both and will definitely be doing more – watch this space. 

Castle – August

The castle in August, the last one in the series.

Mayweed corner

mayweedThere’s a little corner of Mayweed in a field nearby, we often take a break during our walk there, so…. here’s a few photos – it’s also a good enough excuse to pop some dog pics on, one quite willing to pose the other desperate to be off. Oh yes and a couple of creepy crawlies for good measure.labradoodle in mayweedsoldier beetle on mayweedlabradoodle in mayweedmayweed


AveburyAvebury… one of my favourite places to visit, since watching the childrens television series ‘Children of the Stones’ in a decade not too long ago! I’ve been fascinated by it, the largest stone circle in the world. It’s a magical place and has an atmosphere that’s hard to describe. My favourite time of year to visit is during the winter when it’s possible to wander round and see relatively few other visitors –  but still, you can go in the middle of summer and take some people free shots (not sheep free though).

There’s also an amazing wishing tree, so if you do go, don’t forget your ribbons!the wishing treethe wishing tree

Beetle, bird and hare

soldier beetleA Soldier Beetle,

black-backed gulla Black-Backed Gull ( with a very appropriately named boat behind)

and another flowery hare.

Colour of the week is…

Yellowbutterfly on calendula

Cornwall looking down

The last of the pics from Cornwall, a fairly random bunch – peering over the edge of the boat pick up point at Trelissick Gardens, looking over the edge at St. Michaels Mount and last but not least the magical Gwennap Pit.St. Michaels MountGwennap pit

Cornish Gardens

Cornish gardens are truly amazing, full of rare and unusual plants (for the rest of the UK anyway) basking in the Gulf Stream, mild (sometimes) but wet winters result in my favourite type of garden  - wooded valleys with pockets of bamboo, tree ferns and gunnera meandering down to perfect Cornish beaches and no I’m not working for the Cornwall Tourist Board! and just a word to the wise, a National trust card will save you lots of money in Cornwall. 

Cornish Boats

We did venture out onto the water this hols, but our sea legs aren’t the best! some worse than others and it wasn’t even very choppy – still we journeyed over water to some lovely places – maybe next year we might step up to the Isles of Scilly.

Cornish Birds

seagullAnother lovely holiday in Cornwall with great friends – lots of time spent on or around the water with a smattering of lovely Cornish gardens, cream teas and beaches, bliss. The only fly in the ointment – no pasty, how I went to Cornwall and didn’t eat a Cornish Pasty is a mystery! Still lots and lots of photos to share, starting with a few Cornish birds