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A Week of Hoverflies

hoverfly on calendulaNo. 3

A Week of Hoverflies

hoverfly on poppyNo. 2

A Week of Hoverflies

hoverfly on bindweedWell we’re off on our hols, so I thought I’d leave you with ‘A Week of Hoverflies’  if I’ve set it up right of course, if not it’s a week  of ‘Where are the Hoverflies’  - Enjoy, hope you have a lovely week.

Castle – July

The castle in July – another sunny day. I can’t bring myself to put rainy, grey photos up but I may do a round up of the worst rainy, murky days at the end, until then it’s the beautiful calm loch and castle.

Rainbow #2

More sunshine and rainbow colours – I can’t type rainbow without thinking of the 70′s kids tv show of the same name and having the theme tune in my head for the rest of the day, “paint the whole world with a rainbow!”

Rainbow #1

A £1 box of bargain seeds + a space to fill in front of the shed = A rainbow of colour.

(one of photos is one of our cacti in flower though – an 8″ long trumpet that lasts for just one day)

A field of daisies

scented mayweedladybird on scented mayweedbeetle on scented mayweedFirst there were the Dandelions, then the Buttercups, now followed by a fields of Daisies – or to be correct Scented Mayweed – not a great name but a lovely flower. One of the benefits of living next to an organic farm is the abundance of wild flowers and everything that goes with that, nestled in amongst these flowers there are cabbages, growing perfectly happily (if you ignore the butterfly, which I’m sure wouldn’t lay it’s eggs anywhere near them!)  I  won a competition this week! run by the lovely folks over at Sheeps and Peeps Farm blog, busy planning what to make with my prize already.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

ladybird on scented mayweedcabbage white butterfly on scented mayweedladybird on scented mayweed

Colour of the week is…


This could be a’ Happiness is…’ post too – all the wonderful summery weather means we have a garden full of colour and lovely insects just lining up to have their photos taken!

Up and down

reflections Blue skies, who’d have thought blue skies and summer go together! but it seems they do – for the moment anyway.

Beetle, bird and hare

leaf beetleA Leaf Beetle,

siskina Siskin

flower hareand a colourful hare.