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leaf beetleLeaf Beetles – my favourite. I look forward every year to photographing these beetles, they’re like mini jewels. They also hang out on one of my favourite plants at this time of year, docks – I know at first glance not much to look and only good for nettle stings but wonderful backdrops for insects and the most beautiful colours. So… leaf beetles on dock leaves, whats not to love!leaf beetleleaf beetleleaf beetle

Castle – June

The castle in June – taken with baby on back this time : )

Colours of the week are…

Green and Yellow

A few photos from the last week and a little game of spot the spider!



This way and that

buttercups and oak treeThis way – a beautiful field of Buttercups with a handily placed oak tree!buttercup fieldbuttercups and oak tree

and that – a young Fallow Deer. I’d crept away from Forest school to take photos of the Buttercups and turned around to see this deer walking along the edge of the field.fallow deerfallow deerfallow deerFallow Deer

It’s a Small World


foxfoxI’m afraid these are the best photos I’ve managed to take of a fox this year, even though they seem to have a den quite near the house it’s making it very difficult for us to creep up on them, so…. we have some lovely in focus blackcurrant bushes with some smudgy foxes in the far distance! Still a thrill to see them though and I shall persevere – for last years pics see here. On an elusive note after nearly 2 weeks of summery sunshiny weather the sun is mostly hidden behind clouds again.sun in buttercups

 Also if you want to make a truly delicious Chocolate and Date Cake (egg and dairy free) visit me here on my ‘I’m baking for my son and really I don’t eat much of it’ blog.chocolate and date cake (egg and dairy free)



Welcome Home

housemartinsOur resident summer visitors have finally arrived! they are so late this year that we’d almost given up hope - they’re busy rebuilding this very minute.housemaryins

For more housemartin loveliness see here and here.housemartinshousemartins

Colour of the week is…

Whitebutterfly on dandelion

I’m never sure of my white butterfly identification – I start of thinking I know what that is then look in my book and end up totally unsure, so…. here’s a beautiful white-ish butterfly on one of the last of the current flush of dandelions.


For the love of…


I have to resist the temptation to post lots of photos of dandelions – maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by them that they end up on my camera so often, but if they had prettier leaves and weren’t so invasive I think they would be a more ‘loved’ plant! They also make fine subjects for a little outdoor fun, so…. we did these a few days ago and who would have guessed that you’d get such great curly stem ends, something they share with Calla liliies apparently.dandelion artdandelion artdandelion artdandelion art