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Colours of the week are…

White and Pinkmagnolia and beetle

Magnolia with a little beetle thrown in for good measure.

It’s a Small World

ant on dandelion


Berrington Hallducklings at Berrington HallReflections from Berrington Hall.reflections Berrington Hall

Castle – May

castleSpring in the Highlands – idyllic!


Berrington HallA little bit of Capability Brown parkland courtesy of Berrington Hall.

I do prefer a wilder landscape but there’s something about trees reaching a grand old age in their own space and the shape of the shadows cast beneath them – good for sheep too.Berrington hall

And a tiny spider found on a tulip in the walled garden.spider on tulip

It’s a Small world

If you were to see me taking the dogs a walk or wandering round the garden at the moment I’d most probably be staring intently towards the ground - looking for the small creepy crawlies and other treasures to be found. Like this dandelion reflection (which truth be told I didn’t really notice until I went through my photos later that day)  so….. I thought I’d start a new category ‘It’s a small World’ taking time to stop and look at the small and wonderful details to be found all around us.reflection of a dandelion in a dew drop

Spring woodland

bluebellsBluebell woodland in Spring (for some folklore see here - I did walk through some though and wasn’t spirited away!) a sea of blue with the fresh green leaves, magical. bluebell and spiderbluebellsbluebells

Plus a little simulacra surprise – I think this looks like a duck peeking through.simulcra duck

Taking flight

robin in flightJust a quick one today – the sun is shining, so outside is beckoning with dogs to walk, photos to take, gardening to do, desk for my sons room to renovate and last but certainly not least some pots to be thrown in the newly painted potting shed! (photos to follow) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Forest School #3

unfurling brackenwoodlandspring woodlandMore pics from Forest School – Spring has finally reached the icy cold depths of the woodland where it’s held, thankfully! No more dressing in every item of clothing we own with a waterproof outer layer squeezed into, no more huddling around a fire that doesn’t quite reach beyond the toes, but….. a cocoon of green and birdsong, signs of badgers and beautiful spring flowers, aaahhh.woodlandwoodland

Peeking out / Blending in

blue titA Blue tit peeking out of one of the many bird boxes they’ve put up in the blackcurrant fields…blue tit

siskin..and a Siskin momentarily blending in with the unfurling poplar leaves.siskin