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Beetle, Bird and Hare

Well it’s taken a while, but now there are a few more creepy crawlies about I can do a new Beetle, Bird, Hare.

ladybirdsStarting with hm,hm Ladybird stacking (no Ladybirds were hurt in the taking of this photo, for other examples see here)

robinA robin

hares in the V&Aand a couple of lovely hares from the V&A.

Colour of the week is…..


Spring is well and truly here – that is if you ignore the April showers and dash out inbetween to take photos!woodland with daffodils and labradoodledandelioncelandinedaffodilcelandine and lichenlabradoodle and daffodil

Castle – April

castleThe castle in April – for the first post in this series click here

Morning and Evening

dew dropsdew dropMaking the most of the early mornings and later evenings.reflectionsreflections


… keep it quite but there’s a beach we go to quite often that’s usually very quiet or deserted except for the three of us – this last visit was in the Easter holidays and we had it all to ourselves, well apart from the seagulls. Granted you wouldn’t be able to swim there without grazing your knees, but there’s sand, rockpools and fossils galore. Clue – it’s somewhere in Wales!

Day Trip

pots in the V&Anatural history museumpigeonHyde ParkLast week we got up ridiculously early and caught a train from Country Bumpkinshire to London, for a near perfect day trip! apart from a little blip in map reading at the beginning of the day (guilty). We got a little squished in the Natural History Museum but did fight through the crowds to see the whale at my sons insistence then spent a blissful few hours in the V & A (one of the best museums in the world, I’m sure) Throw in a stroll through Hyde Park either end and voila, a lovely day out.V&Anatural history museumV&A

Every home….

shadows… should have a room with shadows like these -

or maybe it was just joy at seeing sunshine getting through to the house!

Colours of the week are….

Blue and Whiteblossom

blossomsculptureA little bit of blossom, some Rodin and a pot.  reflected pot


Bird #7

collared doveRounding up A Week of Birds is the Collared Dove - taking a break from courting and nest building!

Bird #6


I was so thrilled to get a photo of a Wren, one of my favourite birds – in full cheery song!