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Colours of the week are….

Pink and Greywinter sunset

I love to take photos that look otherworldly, but are absolutely true to life – no camera jiggery pokey!winter sunset

Slimbridge #5

Bewick SwanThe last photos from Slimbridge for a while (until we go again!) I did take over 300 so I’ve been quite restrained really!

 Noticed these swans the other day and had to pop them on.Mute swansMute Swan

Castle – February

Scottish castleA beautiful Scottish Winters day – from a few years ago.

Colour of the week is…..


Back to frost and fog – woollies and wellies!

Morning Song

robin singingThese photos really should come with sound – imagine, the first sunny morning for weeks, the birds were in full song!redwing singing

Spring is in the air

Warning – this post shows photos of extremely cute lambs!

Prepare yourself.lamblambslamb

The first Ladybird of the year – out and about a little early (we’ve frost forecast for this coming week)ladybird

and a sparkling brook = sunshine for the first time in weeks! maybe the mud will dry up…..please.sparkling brook


heart simulcra…Is all you need.


Slimbridge #4

female mallardEy Up Mi Duck!female ruddy shelduckduckwigeon

A selection of ducks from our latest visit – a Mallard, a Ruddy Shelduck (I love that name!), I’m not quite sure on the third one (a Cape Teal, thaks Bob), any ideas? and a Wigeon. Apologies if any of these are incorrect.guuls

Some gulls and a Coot thrown in for good measure.coot

Happiness is…..

golden glitter ball… an enormous golden glitter ball – only £5 from the scrap store.

Anyone for a disco?

Slimbridge #3 (pretty in pink)

flamingosflamingosflamingosFlamingos braving the cold at Slimbridge!

We couldn’t resist a winter visit and weren’t disappointed. I love to see the Swans and Geese flying, landing and taking off -always at the point when I had my camera switched off, of course. I had to make do with the fairly sedentary flamingos.

 There’s always a book in the visitors centre for people to write down the birds they’ve spotted – we were slightly dubious about the owl spotted in the car park and resisted the temptation to put down the very rare Pigwidgeon seen nesting on top of the toilet block!

See the summer visit here, and here .