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Sun and Moon

sunsetmoonThese were taken within 5 minutes of each other last week – Sun and Moon

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melting snowMelting ice -

melting snowand snow melting in the woods (beautiful, but noisy and unpredictable!)

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Seven Days of Snow

labradoodle in snowFirst snowfall.

Garden reflected – yes we do have a play shed with red perspex sides, deck chairs (out in the winter) and a mannequin. Just a few of the odd things in our garden!

land art with kids - snowPlaying with the snow.

old willow treeOur favourite tree.

land art with kids - snowSuspended snowball.winter sunset

One of the many beautiful wintery sunsets we’ve had.

land art with kids - snowWe love snow! but have to confess to really looking forward to spring this year.

Snow Fox

Finally we’ve had snow! Not as much as you’d imagine if you listened to the news reports but enough for some fun and tracking of foxes (and other creatures) but the foxes are the most fun to follow, this one went over the frozen pond…fox prints

 …then we saw this one, it was a fair distance away from us but on this occasion I already had my camera out and on, so managed to get a couple of photos (slightly blurry) whilst keeping the dogs in check, not that they really noticed – the snow has bought out their puppiness so they’re quite happy playing snowballs with my son!fox in the snowfox in the snow

Castle – January

Eilean Donan CastleHere’s the castle photo for January (just a reminder that they’re from quite a few years ago taken with my film camera – we took a photo every day of the castle for a year) looking through them I noticed this one with the expertly placed rain drop around the castle! By the way there are mountains and snow  behind the fog and drizzle, honestly!

Colour of the week is…..

ScarletScarlet ElfcupScarlet Elfcup

A very welcome splash of colour that we found while doing the previous post.

It’s a Scarlet Elfcup – what a great name!

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Tree Ice #2

ice artice artOur only opportunity since early December to do some more of this - the most time consuming part is finding the ice with natural holes in and then extricating it from the puddle without it breaking! The placing in the tree and taking photos is a joy if not fraught with the potential for disaster (we have lost quite a few – ice sheets I hasten to add, not children or dogs! )ice artice art

It was a sunnier day this time so the blues and greens seen through the ice were particularly beautiful and I did notice when going through the photos that one of the branches we hung a sheet of ice on looked remarkably like a dogs head, or is it just me?ice art

As I write this post I can see the first snowflakes of the winter just starting to fall – we have an amber warning for heavy snow tonight so hopefully we’ll be able to make our snowbird tomorrow.

A little peek…

A few icy photos from the weekend -ice patternsice and reflectionsice patterns

And a little peek at one of our many new ventures this year!papercutting

Colour of the week is….

Greenivy leaves

We hear quite a few owls at night (many of whom sound like they’re actually sat on our windowsill, it’s so loud!) So any suitable looking owl homes we try and have a peak (those near the ground that is) This one did have a surprise, not an owl but a lovely splash of green.ivy leaves

One Day

Last Friday to be precise - a lovely unseasonably warm day (some beetroot seeds started to sprout and the trees started to bud). It’s set to get cold again this weekend though, oops!

Morning walk –  

before – brackenlabradoodle

after – labradoodle

Evening walk -sunsetsunsetevening refectionslabradoodle