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Colour of the week is…..

StoneWollaton Hall


A part of the house that Batman hangs out in!




autumn leavesIt’s well and truly autumnal now, the nights are drawing in (more quickly than seems possible!) the leaves are turning beautiful autumn colours and the roads are full of tractors!

Here’s a few autumnal photos taken in the last week or so -autumn landscapestraw balesstraw bales

Plus how is it that dogs like to eat or roll all over anything you’re trying to accomplish, whereas cats really just want to sit on whatever ‘it’ is?autumn and catginger tom cat


daisy and straw land artNow you see it!dog rolling on daisies and straw!

Now you don’t!

My son did this the other day and it lasted for around about 30 seconds.

It was fleetingly beautiful !


Colour of the week is…..

Rainbowa rainbow

The only rainbow I’ve seen this year when I’ve had my camera with me and yes we did get quite wet!



Looking through

dock leaves artWe’ve fought our way through the undergrowth back to the stream, it’s been impossible to reach for months – head high nettles, thistles, bindweed to name but a few reasons. Although now we have the garden spiders to dodge between and the clouds of ‘daddy long-legs’ they aren’t anywhere near as painful!dock leaves art

 We picked a few of the second flush of dock leaves on the way so……. looking through -dock leaves artdock leaves artdock leaves artdock leaves art

Castle – September

Eilean DonanA while ago we used to live on the west coast of Scotland – land of mountains, castles, otters, wild places, long long summer days, northern lights, highland cows - but also, wind, rain, midges (they really really like me!) very short winter days and deer/sheep that stand with intent at the side of the roads to scare passing motorists!

All this taken into account a beautiful place to be and a constant source of inspiration.

While we were there we took a photograph of the local castle every day for a year come rain or shine (using my trusty film camera), sometimes even in the dark.

I thought I’d share here just one photo a month, so…….. here’s september, castle/sea loch style.

Colour of the week is…….

RedA Red Kite

Red Kites Red Kites

 A bit of a cheat this one , but I think I’m allowed. On a recent trip into beautiful, deepest, darkest Wales we went to see the Red Kite feeding here. I can highly recommend it – they are such beautiful birds and a great success story, after being near to extinction.A Red KiteA Red KiteRed Kites


thistlesWe love thistles  – in the fields over the road that is! Not in the garden if we can avoid it (that’s a big if)

They are lovely structural plants and offer up lots of opportunities for creative bits and pieces, so…….

here are some from the last few weeks -thistlesa thistle creature

setting sail.a thistle creaturethistles


Eight Legged Jewels

I think it’s fair to say Spiders aren’t my favourite creature, I’m not particularly comfortable with them – even though in this little corner of the world they can do you no harm.

I think it’s the house spiders that do it, either the small bodied, long legged, Daddy long-legs spider – that can appear in every corner of the house seemingly overnight. Or the House spider that comes out at night to scurry across the floor and make a bee line for your feet! (I caught and released outside one of these a few nights ago, using a measuring jug and a piece of cardboard – the legs came right to the edge of the jug all the way round!) and sorry for bringing this up again Bob, but the image of one biting your hand as you gently tried to release it is burnt on my retina!a spider

Anyhow, outside it’s a different story – I find spiders outside fascinating and yes in some cases quite beautiful. If all house spiders looked like these ‘little’ ones then I’d be much more welcoming of them as house guests.a spider

Rock, Shell and Sand

shells arranged on a rockshells arranged on a rocka close up photo of a shell and sanda close up photo of sand