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Ah yes, a return to Cornwall – land of beaches, pasties and cream teas.

Driving and walking past old haunts – places we used to live, beaches we used to beachcomb and a nostalgic drive past the art school – happy days! inside a dome at the eden project

Also a visit to The Eden Project, always good fun – a word of warning though, don’t wear jeans. Jungle + Jeans = Discomfort!inside the dome at the eden projecta plant at the eden projecta plant at the eden projectthe seed sculpture at the eden projectplants in the dome - eden projecta plant in the jungle domethe domes at the eden project

Colours of the week are………

Blue and Whitedomes at the eden project

Can you guess where we went on holiday?

A Walk

labradoodle in maize fieldWe’re on holiday for a few days but I thought you might like to take a walk round our way in the meantime.ox eye daisies

A lovely warm summers day teatime walk.beetle on maizean oak tree at the edge of maize fieldsoldier beetle on grasseslabradoodle in maize field

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Colours of the week are……

Pink and Greenfalse oil beetle on pink flowerbush crickets on a thistle

Have a lovely weekend.



A pocket full of quartz….

a line of quartz pebblesEvery time it rains or they plough the fields more and more quartz pebbles are unearthed – which have to be collected by my son. So his pockets are full by the end of a walk and then inevitably mine too! As I type this the windowsill in our living room is covered in bits and pieces from the fields found in the last few weeks - pebbles and loads of pottery too. They find their way to other places in the house eventually but this stash we found another use for.a line of quartz pebbles

We did the same thing with Bindweed flowers too.a line of bindweed flowersSome racing snails thrown in for good measure.two snails on a wall

Anyone for Autumn?

No, me neither. We’ve not had enough summer yet!cherry leaves on tree trunk

But these Cherry trees seem to think it’s time to relax. I love the colours of Autumn, but could wait another month or so to enjoy them. Note one dog happy to relax, one looking for mischief!

cherry tree leaves on tree trunk with labradoodlescherry tree leaf on tree trunkcherry tree leaf on tree trunk

Colour of the week is……

Redhover fly on poppy

You can’t beat a hover fly on a flower for a splash of wonderful colour – I have a whole collection on different coloured flowers – watch this space!



Our lodgers are fledging!