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I’d still like to be……

Tis the season of Steam fairs and Classic Car Shows so…….

I’d still like to be a classic car detail photographer, well who wouldn’t?

A room with a view

A playshed that we made for our son (that had been neglected) is now a new potting shed and we can’t winkle him out of there.

We’re hoping that with mine and his Dads genes he’ll become a ‘super potter’ !



Colour of the week is……


After a great Tour de France (our son dreaming of coming first on the Champs-Elysees) we have the Olympics to look forward to!


Housemartins = Good Luck?

Housemartins bringing you good luck if they nest on your house is a folktale/superstition that I have a real fondness for.

The year I had my son we had about 20 nests in the eaves of the place we lived!

When we moved into our current house there were 3 – but year after year the nests have been used by Sparrows.

Until this year the Sparrows came along and broke the nests, the Housemartins have rebuilt and we have Housemartins nesting again, so……. Housemartins = good luck, I hope so (not baby good luck this time!) - but if not then there’s always the cuteness factor.

Colour of the week is…….


I read recently that taking photos of insects on flowers was like taking a photo of a beach at sunset (not in a complimentary way) – well, show me a beach at sunset and I’d take a photo of that as well!

I’m not sure what you could compare a snail on a flower with, what do you think?

Snails and the Art of Stacking

A little known art form practised by my son.

(No snails were harmed – the stacking lasts for just a few seconds ! )

Birds of Prey (and a case of camera envy)

Photos from a day out at The International Centre for Birds of Prey last week. A lovely day was had by all but I did experience a fleeting case of camera envy – the place was packed to the rafters with ‘professional’ birders, lenses almost reaching the birds from feet away ! I almost plucked up courage to ask to have a peek at some of the photos they’d taken but…… kept snapping away with my own (tiny in comparison) beloved camera.


Colour of the week is ………

Green and Orange

Our resident Bush Cricket – I think there’s only one and he/she likes living in our Calendula patch.

and more photos of Calendulas, you couldn’t get a more summery combination – note the sunshine, yes we have had some inbetween the torrential rain!

Seeing red

A simple one this week – we found a lovely patch of poppies and already had the lovely piece of bark.





with the help of some lovely Kimono craft paper from Lucy at Hands On (see blogroll)