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Water Rings

Artistic inspiration, greenery and launch supplied by my son, photos taken by me.

rings made from wild flowers in a pond

rings made from wild flowers in a pond

A quick and fun activity on a lovely sunny day! (without dogs this time!)

rings of wild flowers in a pond

We went back the day after and the rings had turned into a heart.

Maybug….. wow or ugh?

You decide!A maybug (cockchafer)

I’m of the wow variety but I do know people who have gone ugh I can’t look at it.

A maybug (cockchafer)

This is the first Maybug (cockchafer) I’ve ever seen in the flesh – probably because I now live surrounded by an organic farm and they’re not blasted by the bio-agents used to control them these days, or perhaps I spend more and more time gazing at the floor looking for bugs.

Other great names for them include – dumbledarey, snartlegog, spang beetle, billywitch, may-bittle, the list goes on.

A maybug (cockchafer)

Colour of the week is…..


It just had to be orange today to match the sunny weather.

a ladybird on a calendular flower

orange calendular, close up

orange flowers

And, first fox snap of the year (couldn’t get very close though) but it does fit with the orange theme.

a fox


At the stream #2

Well the rain has stopped and the stream doesn’t look like a torrent of muddiness anymore, so we thought we’d have a few hours messing about with dock leaves.

We collected them on our way, started to have a play and realised our error -

dogs (one in particular), intent on destruction!

dock leaves on rock with dog about to pounce

Still we did manage to do a few things and were pretty happy with the results,

a line of dock leaves at the edge of the stream

an arrow of dock leaves in the stream

dock leaves on rock in stream

albeit temporarily.

labradoodle intent on destruction

He’s looking innocent but it’s just the calm before the destruction!


Things with wings

A round up from the past two weeks of things with wings – from the beautiful to the bizarre.

a swallow

 Including House Martins, ( the thrill of snapping pics of birds and then realising you’ve caught one in flight -albeit a bit blurry, is just great)

a sparrow


a soft-winged flower beetle

a soft-winged flower beetle,

a moth?

 something I’ve not identified yet but it had the longest antenna I’ve ever seen!

peacock butterfly

A peacock butterfly,

a bee on hawthorn flowers

another photo where you could do with smell-o-vision – the hawthorn flowers smell lovely ( hawthorn flower and rhubarb wine – might just be on the cards again this year)

an unidentified flying object

and a very bizarre looking fly that I’ve not managed to identify, any help would be gratefully recieved.

Colour of the week is….

Gold & Blue
orange calendula with blue background

Searching through my photos today I found this one I really like, so…. it’s two colours today.

The fish tulip

Do you ever do a double take, see things out of the corner of your eye?

that usually turn out to be a trick of the light or a random collection of objects.

a tulip that looks like a fish

This is definitely a fish in tulip disguise!

a tulip that looks like a fish


Making tracks

With the weather we’ve been having recently (floods and drought at the same time? that seems to be where we’re at) we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to find some animal tracks. So with book in hand we went searching.

It turns out most of the tracks in our area are our own dogs tracks.

a dog paw print with dandelions and buttercups

But we did find and embellish (when my son thought appropriate)

duck print with flowersa duck,

a heron print with hawthorn flower buds


a heron

a badger paw print

and a badger.

Also I think we saw fox prints and a deer, but both had been trampled by our dogs!

outside v inside

Tulips aren’t one of my favourite flowers from the outside but…..  

as far as the inside of flowers go they might just be.

inside of a tulipinside of a tulipinside of a red tulip

Colour of the week is…..


a view over the sea

I could have sat and looked at this view all day.

the moon in daylight

This one too!

a swallow on a line

A bit of a cheat but look at that beautiful blue sky and there is a fair proportion of blueness on a swallow.