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The duck and the fish

The duck and the fish

Looking through…

Looking through

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipseThrough some special glasses…Solar eclipse

reflected in a pondSolar Eclipse

and finally, a sheep portrait mid eclipse.Solar Eclipse

Looking Through

Winter lightWinter – probably the only time of the year I’m out at the right time to fully appreciate the sunrise and the beautiful wintry light.Winter Light

Sunny Days

Sunny DaysAh, warm sunny days – could this be a what a Summer feels like?

Looking Through

Looking throughLooking throughIt’s been a while but here’s some more ‘looking through’ see here for a little bit more. Dock leaves are abundant again, oh the fun to be had!Looking through


SuspendedSuspendedSuspendedWell, it rained, the sun came out, I rushed out to look for raindrops to take photos of – I think that I’m getting a little obsessed.SuspendedSuspended

Looking through

Looking throughIf you like castles, victoriana, animals and birds galore then this pic gives you a little peek into that world – there’s more to come next week when I’ve sorted through my photos!

Looking through

dock leaves artWe’ve fought our way through the undergrowth back to the stream, it’s been impossible to reach for months – head high nettles, thistles, bindweed to name but a few reasons. Although now we have the garden spiders to dodge between and the clouds of ‘daddy long-legs’ they aren’t anywhere near as painful!dock leaves art

 We picked a few of the second flush of dock leaves on the way so……. looking through -dock leaves artdock leaves artdock leaves artdock leaves art

Seeing red

A simple one this week – we found a lovely patch of poppies and already had the lovely piece of bark.