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Shield bug

Beetle, bird, hare…

…and stag. A new departure for me, I’m offering prints of this collection of new pics for sale in my Etsy shop – Beetle, bird, hare and stag. Beetle, bird, hareBeetle, bird and hareBeetle, bird, ahreBeetle, bird, hare

Beetle, bird and hare

Beetle, bird and hareBeetle,
Beetle, bird and harebird,
Beetle, bird and hareand hare.

Fox, bird and hare

aablog1aacastle20FoxbirdhareFoxbirdhareA fox rather than the usual beetle!

The only beetle I could find at Castell Coch was hiding in a lovely carving and totally impossible to photograph so…. Foxbirdhare it is.

Beetle, bird and hare

soldier beetleA Soldier Beetle,

black-backed gulla Black-Backed Gull ( with a very appropriately named boat behind)

and another flowery hare.

Beetle, bird and hare

leaf beetleA Leaf Beetle,

siskina Siskin

flower hareand a colourful hare.

Beetle, Bird and Hare

Well it’s taken a while, but now there are a few more creepy crawlies about I can do a new Beetle, Bird, Hare.

ladybirdsStarting with hm,hm Ladybird stacking (no Ladybirds were hurt in the taking of this photo, for other examples see here)

robinA robin

hares in the V&Aand a couple of lovely hares from the V&A.

Beetle, bird and hare

papercut beetle, bird and hareA new watery Beetle, bird and hare….

Beetle, bird and hare

beetle, bird and hareIt’s been a while since I did a beetle, bird, hare so….. here’s one autumn style.



with the help of some lovely Kimono craft paper from Lucy at Hands On (see blogroll)