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Bookshelf #3

Bookshelf #3One of my favourite gardening books – Gardening on Pavement, Tables and Hard Surfaces by George Schenk – not least because of the title but also because it’s full of amazing gardens that I can dream about creating.Bookshelf #3¬†We have a cat like the one in the photo above and a glass table top like the one below… I think that if we had the beautiful trees as well the cat would be most probably sat in the middle of them or use them as a scratching post.

Bookshelf #3Bookshelf #3

Bookshelf #2

Bookshelf #2Charley Harper – an illustrated life. By Tod Oldham

The second book from our bookshelves, one of my favourites, every time I look through it I find something new. Also a wonderful insight into his life in the ‘conversation with Charley Harper’ section’ and a great quote -

“Do whatever work attracts you, do it as well as you can and keep doing it, and something will happen sooner or later.”

Bookshelf #2Bookshelf #2Bookshelf #2

Bookshelf #1

I don’t know about you but when I go visiting I get a real itch to peruse the bookshelves to look for treasures – not really the done thing! So… I thought I’d share a few books from our shelves, starting with my wonderful Christmas present – The House in the Woods by Kai Fagerstrom. Chock full of beautiful, otherworldly photos and anecdotes it ticks all the boxes for a great photography book. Would I love to live in a log cabin in the middle of the woods, surrounded by foxes and badgers and squirrels etc. yes I would!Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #1