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BotanicalBotanicalAt the risk of sounding like the Welsh Tourist Board…. here’s another great place to visit if you ever find yourself in Wales – The National Botanical Garden of Wales – quieter than The Eden Project ( a big plus), but just the one dome, in which it is possible to take photographs without your camera steaming up (another big plus).


Colours of the week are…

Blue and black with a spot of red.Colours of the week are... blue, black and a spot of red.Colours of the week are... blue, black and a spot of red.


RipplesPond + Dog = RipplesRipplesRipplesRipples


If you’ve got the time and the inclination a little pattern making is quite therapeutic – if you can keep the wind and cats away! We did manage these in between attacks by both and will definitely be doing more – watch this space.